June 21, 2015

Finally! Summer has officially arrived in my part of the world, though the heat and humidity crashed the party a few weeks early. The kids are out of school, the pool’s open, and the lightning bugs (fireflies to most of you) have taken to making the nights festive once again.

Lots of good stuff going on, too…

  • My naughty alter ego, Avelyn McCrae, just published her first paranormal (Black Wolfe’s Mate)
  • The print version of Book 6 of the Callaghan Brothers (Shane) has been sent off and will be available in print in day or two: Beyond Affection
  • All Night Woman (book 2 of my stand-alone Covendale series) is up for grabs this month’s Goodreads Giveway
  • And I’ve got lots of WIPs (Works in Progress) going on, including editing Celina’s story (Connelly Cousins, Book 1), a romantic suspense I think Callaghan fans will enjoy (probably my next release), Jack Callaghan’s story (just beginning), a romance/horror/suspense collaboration with a fellow author and friend, and a “mature” romance for the 50+ crowd.

What are you doing this month?
Abbie <3