On Feedback

January 18, 2015

cartoon woman clapping On every social media site, in every book, I shamelessly beg readers for honest feedback.   Many of you have responded to this plea by sending me emails, commenting on my blogs, and posting reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. <3 Thank you! <3

Do I read them?   Yep, every single one of them.   Usually more than once.   Sometimes I even save them off so I can look at them when my spirits need a lift.   Your comments, thoughts, and insights are very important to me.

Do I respond to them?   To emails, comments, and posts – the answer is almost always yes   (don’t believe me?   drop me an email and find out).   But to reviews?   Never.   Many times I want to, if only to say thanks for making my day or to offer some insight into why I wrote something a certain way, but apparently it is a big no-no for an author to respond to reviews on public sites (good or bad).   I’m not sure why, but there it is.

So please – keep writing reviews.   I value each and every one.   And if you’d like me to respond, send me an email, too.

Just remember:     Honesty is appreciated; kindness is revered.

<3 Abbie